Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Coming Soon: Day of Digital Archives 2011...

Welcome to the future site of the Day of Digital Archives Blog!

The Day of Digital Archives is an initiative to raise awareness of digital archives among both users and managers. On this day, archivists, digital humanists, programmers, or anyone else creating, using, or managing digital archives are asked to devote some of their social media output (i.e. tweets, blog posts, youtube videos, etc.) to describing their work with digital archives. By collectively documenting what we do, we will be answering questions like: What are digital archives? Who uses them? How are they created and managed? Why are they important?

What do I mean by “digital archives” well, primarily I mean archives, repositories, content management systems (what-have-yous), that collect or manage born-digital material. These “what-have-you”s don’t have to primarily collect born-digital materials…in fact they are more likely to only have some born-digital content as part of their mandate. Or, maybe they don’t really have a “mandate” at all…maybe someone will contribute their thoughts about managing their own personal digital content or social media presence. The only thread that would then tie the participants would be that they collect for, manage, preserve, develop, use, think about or otherwise love born-digital content.

Day of Digital Archive posts and tweets will be gathered on this blog for easy reference. Stay tuned for more info or visit the About the Project page to contact me if you are interested in participating!


  1. Digital archives need to make people understand the subtle difference between 'archives' and 'repositories'

  2. Digital Archive is very important to us, who is hungry for digital information which grows day by day.

  3. Everyone who follows technology growth should read this.

    Just my opinion.