About the Project...

The Day of Digital Archives has been created to raise awareness of digital archives among both users and managers. By collectively documenting what we do, we will be answering questions like: What are digital archives? Who uses them? How are they created and managed? Why are they important? For more information on the project, read the inaugural blog post.

Do you create, manage, or use digital archives? Would you like to participate? Well then, drop me a line at gretchen[.]gueguen[@]gmail[.]com with your contact info and I’ll add you to the list!

You could contribute in a couple of different ways:

1.       Create a blog post at http://dayofdigitalarchives.blogspot.com/ for the Day of Digital Archives (on October 12th in 2012) talking about some aspect of your work with Digital Archives on that day. It could be a really specific exploration of a single activity on that day. Or it could be a broader topic not really related to that specific day (What kinds of tools you could really use to process a born-digital collection).

2.       Write a post to your own blog similar to that described above and post a trackback to the Day of Digital Archives blog or let me know and I'll post a link to it.

3.       Tweet throughout the day about your work with digital archives using the #DayofDigArc hashtag.

Hope to hear from you soon!