Friday, October 12, 2012

Instead of writing a traditional post for Day of Digital Archives this year, I'd like to link to the slides for a presentation I just did earlier this week for my library. Earlier this summer at UVa we went through a dramatic series of events related to the resignation and subsequent reinstatement of our University President. As Digital Archivist, I was involved in a larger library effort to create an archive of materials related to events. The campus community became quite active and vocal and organized several meetings and demonstrations using Twitter and Facebook -- a mini version of the so-called "Twitter Revolutions." My role, as I saw it was to act fast and try to save as much evidence of these activities as I could. The process was a challenge for many reasons, some technological, some legal, and some just human (I do need to sleep at some point, you guys!).

The slides themselves are embedded below, but if you choose to view them at SlideShare you can also view the slide notes, which are basically the narrative of what I said. It's much more informative with those!


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