Thursday, October 6, 2011

Day in the Life: Digital Archives Educator

On the Day of Digital Archives, I am

1) Working with local archives to develop projects for my Digital Archiving and Preservation class in the spring semester;

2) Planning with my TA a project to set up in our “Digital Archaeology Lab”several canonical systems for testing significant properties and how original bitstreams pulled from old media might interact with a coeval computing environment—to include research in historic popular computing publications of the relevant available programs, peripherals, and other sundries and drawing on a project last year researching the preservation of Ultima II using an Apple IIc from the Goodwill Computer Museum;

3) Discussing with project partners at the Museum several additional research projects going forward in the form of student capstones and individual studies;

4) Considering progress on my own research about archival organization of preserved born-digital materials;

5) Planning advising sessions for spring 2012 to assist students especially with getting experience in hands-on work with born-digital archival material—hardware, media, and content.

Here is the virtual archives:

Here is the physical lab (or parts of it):

Organizing canonical environments


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